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In 2011-12 there were 24,100 fires recorded in buildings other than dwellings, 4% fewer than in 2010-11. Of these, 70% were accidental.

Twenty five people died and there were 1,200 non-fatal casualties in fires in buildings other than dwellings.

Automatic smoke alarms were not present in 50% (12,500) of all other building fires in 2011-12. These fires resulted in 21 fatalities and a further 502 non-fatal casualties. For the remaining 49% of other building fires where an automatic smoke alarm was present:

  • The automatic fire alarm operated and raised the alarm in 31% (7,600 fires); 
  • Operated but did not raise the alarm in 5% (1,200 fires); 
  • Failed to operate altogether in 12% (3,000 fires).

When fire strikes your business, you must be able to react without delay. Our fire and smoke alarms can identify the signs of a fire at the earliest possible stages and can pinpoint its location across your premises. Using various technologies within sensors, our solutions can detect a variety of fire situations from fast flaming blazes to slow, smouldering fires that can release poisonous gases.

Whether you have a commercial operation or a residential complex with 'sleeping risks', fast detection can help you to reduce the risk of injury or death to employees, residents and visitors as well as minimise damage to your property and disruption to your operations. We ensure our industry leading technology is installed by highly qualified engineers; therefore we are confident you won't become another statistic.

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