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System Integration

Integrated Security Solutions blend third party components into a practical, unified security management package.

More recently called ‘Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)' these integration packages present the data from these components in a usable format and are generally at the centreof the largest, most complex and ground-breakingsecurity integration projects.

The integration of these components, and the efficient presentation of the results, it allows organizations to react faster and more precisely to incidents, tailoring the response to suit the actual event rather than an assumption based on incomplete information. Graphical mapping can be utilised to give image overlays from CCTV on the same page as door status from Access Control solutions and information on area occupation and movement from intruder detection devices

Integration can also extend the life of your systems, bringing the old and new together as well as making new technology compatible with ‘legacy' equipment.

Integrated Solutions allow you to see the bigger picture, make more informed decisions, share information throughout the organization and respond quicker to events, while potentially cutting your security costs dramatically.

  • graded intruder alarms
  • remote signalling
  • integrated solutions
  • maintain your existing system